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Honolulu Attorney Fights for Sexually Harassed Workers

Seeking justice for victims of sexual harassment

Victims of workplace sexual harassment often feel pressured to remain silent in order to protect their jobs. If you’re being harassed at work, you should not allow it to continue out of fear of losing your job. At Thater Law Group, P.C., our experienced attorney will explain the various types of prohibited conduct that we can file suit against in a sexual harassment case:

  • Quid pro quoThis phrase refers to unwanted sexual advances or propositions offered to you in exchange for a promotion or other work benefit. Alternatively, a supervisor might threaten firing or other punishment if you refuse their advances.
  • Explicit or objectionable visual material — These may include unwelcome photos, videos and/or computer images of a sexual nature that you are exposed to.
  • Unwanted touching or gestures — When someone touches or jostles you in a sexually suggestive manner or makes obscene movements directed at you, you have a right to make it stop.
  • Degrading messages — These may include posters, notes, offensive comments or jokes, and unwelcome remarks about your body and/or sex life.

Thater Law Group, experienced in employment law and discrimination cases, will apply Hawaii law to the details of your situation and advise you on your options for obtaining compensation and relief.

Striving to obtain compensation for the harm done by offensive behavior

Sexual harassment violates the Hawaii Fair Employment Practices Act. A worker subject to quid pro quo harassment or a hostile work environment can receive monetary compensation for the harm done. Our attorney with Thater Law Group can help you file and prove your case. There may be evidentiary questions about whether the conduct was unwelcome or if a prior relationship existed between you and the person bothering you. We will investigate every relevant detail and advocate strenuously on your behalf so that you secure a fair recovery.

Skilled litigator for harassment cases involving individuals of the same gender

The right to a harassment-free workplace is not limited to cases where a man harasses a woman, or vice versa. No employee can be subject to unwelcome sexual conduct. Claims are equally valid and compensable when a man pressures a man or a woman pressures a woman. It is also not necessary for intent on the harasser’s part. Someone can be a victim even if the offensive conduct was directed at another co-worker who does not mind the behavior.

Contact a sexual harassment law firm serving Hawaii

If you have been sexually harassed at work, contact Thater Law Group, P.C. You can call us at 855-210-1701 or contact us online. Our office is located in Honolulu, but we represent clients throughout Hawaii.


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