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Hawaii Law Firm Pursues Compensation for Discrimination Victims

Strong advocacy for those discriminated against at work

Hawaii and federal laws protect employees from discrimination based on several specific categories. At Thater Law Group, P.C. we know that discrimination can take many forms and consist of a pattern of subtle actions and gestures over time as well as overt actions. That’s why a skilled legal professional is vital to enforcing your rights in a discrimination suit. Proving your case requires an experienced, detail-oriented advocate. Our attorney will explain and advise you on the best way to seek relief whether through litigation or administrative agencies such as the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission (HCRC) and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

At Thater Law Group, we take the time to understand your particular circumstances and then evaluate whether you have a potential claim for discrimination in any of the following areas:

  • Race — Discrimination on the basis of race is strictly prohibited by law. You are entitled to recovery if you have been the victim of racial bias at work. This can include overtly bigoted acts or “quieter” prejudices, such as a systematic denial of promotions to certain groups.
  • Religion — Religious freedom is protected by the First Amendment and cannot be the basis of job decisions. This includes denial of the right to participate in and have time off for religious holidays.
  • National origin — Ethnic jokes at work are not funny if you’re the target and it affects your ability to do your job. We can help when co-workers or bosses cross the line.
  • Sex — Women must be given the same opportunities and benefits as men pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Attorney Lani Esteban-Trinidad is dedicated to ensuring that women are compensated in cases of unequal treatment.

Thater Law Group also has a background in other types of discrimination law, including areas affected by more recent legislation. Our experienced attorney is committed to keeping current with evolving areas of employment law.

Representing workers over 40 punished because of their age

Businesses cannot discriminate against those 40 and older whether they are current employees or merely job applicants. You might have a claim even if there was no explicit intention to harm older workers. A practice or policy that has a disproportionately negative effect on older employees might be compensable, such as an older employee whose employer has added physically demanding tasks to his duties.

Advocating to allow full opportunity for disabled workers

Disabled workers might not be aware that their employers are required to make reasonable accommodations so that they can continue to perform their job duties. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that a worker cannot be fired due to a physical impairment as long as that person can still do the job. Companies might try to evade their obligations under this law, but Thater Law Group can determine what constitutes a reasonable accommodation in your particular workplace.

Ensuring that employment rights of pregnant women are protected

An employer cannot punish or refuse to hire a woman because she is pregnant. Both state and federal laws afford pregnancy the same status as temporary physical disabilities. As long as the woman can fulfill her job duties, reasonable accommodations must be made. Likewise, a woman’s job must be held for her while she’s on maternity leave just as it would for another temporarily disabled employee.

Working for those mistreated due to sexual orientation and gender identity

Hawaii law bans workplace discrimination due to sexual orientation, but federal law does not. If you believe you’ve suffered at work due to your sexual preference, we will work with you on filing an HCRC claim. The EEOC regards discrimination against transgendered individuals as sex discrimination, so those filings can be brought to the federal and state authorities.

Contact an experienced Honolulu attorney fighting discrimination in the workplace

If you have been mistreated due to a personal characteristic, Thater Law Group, P.C. can help. You can call us at 855-210-1701 or contact us online. Our office is located in Honolulu, but we represent clients throughout Hawaii.


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