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Hawaii Law Firm Provides Comprehensive Business Law Representation

Knowledgeable advice for transactional and litigation matters

Thater Law Group, P.C. serves as a virtual in-house counsel for many of our business clients, advocating for them in court and advising them on contracts, policies and other concerns. We provide quick replies to all client inquiries and take every case with the goal of reaching resolution in the most efficient way possible. We want you to focus on growing your company without being distracted by legal issues.

Providing legal assistance needed to launch new ventures

Starting a business can be an intimidating process, with a million details. Unfortunately, one small mistake can have major consequences later on and throughout your entity’s life. Thater Law Group can guide you through each step of the incorporation process:

  • Filing articles of incorporation — These basic formation documents are filed with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Business Registration Division. We can help ensure that the proper requirements are met.
  • Drafting corporate bylaws — Once approved by a business’s board of directors, these rules serve as the chief operating rules for the corporation. They can be simple or cover a great number of future contingencies.
  • Defining tax status — Many new business owners choose to elect S Corporation status for tax purposes, so that income passes through to the individual owners. We can explain the advantages and disadvantages of this and other incorporation options including LLCs and LLPs.
  • Obtaining approvals for operation — If your business is subject to licensing and permitting requirements, we can help you draft and obtain those approvals in Hawaii and any other states where you wish to operate.
  • Establishing buy-sell agreements — Corporations and partnerships with multiple owners should prepare for the possibility that one of the partners might need to leave the business unexpectedly. Thater Law Group can draft a buy-sell agreement that delineates each side’s obligations if such an event occurs.

If you’re looking to form a new business or just have questions about where and how to do so, Thater Law Group can give you a complete overview.

Providing contract review advice to avert unpleasant surprises

People and businesses often try to use tricky contract language to gain an unfair advantage. Before you sign anything, it’s essential for you to have a knowledgeable attorney perform a proper contract review so that you fully understand your rights and obligations under the contract’s terms. At Thater Law Group, we will break down the confusing terms and explain them to you in a clear, comprehensive manner.

Enforcing your rights in breach of contract disputes

Should a contractual agreement fall apart, you will need a strong advocate to assert your rights. Most of these matters can be resolved through communications and negotiation. However, if litigation is the most effective way to secure your rights, attorney Lani Esteban-Trinidad is ready to go to trial for you.

Contact an experienced Honolulu business law firm

If you need legal advice or representation for your business, contact Thater Law Group, P.C. You can call us at 855-210-1701 or contact us online. Our office is located in Honolulu, but we represent clients throughout Hawaii.






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